What better place to spend Halloween than New York City? and what better place to celebrate than onstage at LPR (le poisson rouge), an icon of NYC nightlife and urban culture. Benjamin Ickies and his Ambitious Orchestra brought “Life is a Cabaret” to life with a dance troupe (Brooklyn’s “Lady Circus”), contortionist, sword-swallower and a large, celebratory audience (who looked fabulous in their costumes, btw). There was something for everyone. The music both revered and mocked the cult-classic “Cabaret.” Honestly, I had never seen the movie until Halloween eve and since then I’ve developed a whole new appreciation for Liza Minnelli- that woman’s got an insane energy about her.
Lisa D. and myself sang “Money” and, as per usual, we had a blast (see video at bottom of blog).

Lady Circus danced their you-know-whats off, choreagraphed by the talented Kathryne Van Assche. These ladies are phenomenal. They perform aerial art, ballet, modern dance, cabaret… skilled body movement. They can be found hanging from the ceiling, dancing at the “House of Yes” in Brooklyn, right off the L train at Grand St. I had the pleasure of rehearsing with them prior to the show. These ladies work hard and dance beautifully.

The evening was part of Oh! You Pretty Things, created and promoted by the legendary Michael T, Shien Lee, Twig the Wonderkid and Benjamin Ickies. Quite the host family. Featured performers included: The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Lady Rizo, Isengart, Koko Aviance, Lee Chappell & Matteo, Kae Burke, Pepper Somerset, Lisa D. & Jacquelyn Adams. captured these moments…hundreds of pictures are available at

The next four pictures are courtesy of Coach Mike Pics. again…

Hundreds of pictures available at and If you need a photographer in NYC, here are two… if you can catch them.

WATCH VIDEO. Hit RELOAD if all you see is a giant black space.

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