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You are “the greatest artist who ever lived.” Afterall, who isn’t trying to be the greatest artist who ever lived? … and what is an “artist,” anyways? Emerging in today’s all-access internet society means understanding that you can achieve success by promoting yourself, investing in the future and staying ahead of the game. However, trying to get a living-room produced garage band track to measure up to Beethoven‘s 5th symphony is a daunting task (although Beethoven probably created the 5th symphony from his living room, too) and coming up with a high-quality product while trying to cover your bills and rent can be tricky… but why not give it a go? Why not try to be the greatest? After all, you are the “greatest artist who ever lived“… who ever lived your life, that is.

Every piece of bad music that can be written has been written (even before electronic capabilities) and individuals are becoming famous through television, internet and social media for simply being themselves – we have saturated ourselves to the point of being impressed with the unimpressive as skill has turned into self. So why “chase” Beethoven? What makes him a hero, anyways? Some people adore his music, while other music-lovers hear it and immediately dismiss it. Most people have never consciously heard it (listen HERE to one of his greatest hits or watch an electric guitarist encourage Beethoven to roll over in his grave HERE).

Moving forward through various projects and collaborations, more and more I ask myself, “Why do I continue this journey? Why collaborate? Why forge forward alone? Why forego promising endeavors to chase less certain ideas?” I guess it depends on what you are going for, how intensely you believe in where you are going and what is pushing you forward. Most decisions are already mapped out (well, I guess that idea centers around a philosophical discussion concerning fate and pre-ordained destiny). For myself, when I am truly listening to life and following my path, the decisions are usually plain answers just staring me in the face, waiting for an obvious verdict.

I would encourage you to find your “song” without an end goal in mind. Enjoy the process because at the end of the day, week, month, year, life- the process is what makes it your own. Everyone possesses a unique expression- cooking, golfing, swimming, crunching numbers, riding horses, yoga … most of us would explode without it. For some, it’s a thought created by someone else but interpreted a specific way. For others, it means creating something completely unitelligible to the majority of the human race. For my heroes, like Beethoven- it’s a lifestyle.

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